The Rio+20 Declaration of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) should be signed only once by an Institution and only by a Chancellor, President, Rector, Dean or the respective highest executive.

Please Download the Declaration of Higher Education Institutions (HEI):

>> English: HEI Declaration English version.pdf
>> Spanish: HEI Declaration Spanish version.pdf
>> French: HEI Declaration French version.pdf
>> Chinese: HEI Declaration Chinese version.pdf
>> Portuguese: HEI Declaration Portuguese version.pdf
>> Russian: HEI Declaration Russian version.pdf

A – Please fill-out the application form and send it back using the submit button below (a scanned version of the signed declaration along with a photograph of the Signatory are required in order to complete your application).

B – An “authentication committee” will verify new applications (school credentials, data base information and scanned form). As soon as the application is approved, committed schools will receive an “official certificate” and the Roll of Commitments will be updated to reflect your commitment.

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In line with the Declaration, please briefly describe the sustainability project(s) which you are committed to implementing at your school between 2012 and 2015. When submitting a commitment linked to broad sustainable development objectives ahead Rio+20, Higher Education Institutions must ensure that the commitments meets certain criteria. All commitment must include

- A promise to take action now or in the future
- A commitment to transparency through annual reporting on progress
- A description of time-bound targets/goals that can be measured for success
- A general description of key resources and/or partners dedicated to achieve these targets

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